SmarttPapers Is A Revolutionary Product And Solution .

SmarttPapers provides excellent product and solution with services through the patented SmarttPapers Transformation and Compression Technology in its open architecture digital format for newspapers, magazines, directories, books and any publications. Transformation and Compression is the core of this total solution with the embedded Videos/TV commercials for advertising income, target marketing tools where all the contents are transformed and highly compressed for easy access via different devices like Airplane Video Panels(In-Flight Entertainment), PCs, Tablet-PCs, Notebooks, PDAs, Kiosks and Mobile Phones.

SmarttPapers provides the tools where the publishers can fully capitalize on the vast array of cost saving, revenue generating business models made possible by the technology in multi-platform and multi-channels format. Controls for branding and advertising combined with target marketing, behavioural user statistics empower the publishers to present and tailor content in full or partial of their exact replicas of the publication. It can be in strict accordance with their own rules in each of the publication as well as with the segment of the readers.

It is conceived to empower Publishers to do more with less and also an easy way –“JUST SEND YOUR PDF, WE DO THE REST”. Publishers will become environmentally responsible with sustainability in printing and publishing. This will maximize the value and scope of publishers whereby the publications can go for multi-platform deliveries like airlines, mobile phone, PDA, PC and kiosk. Making the dream of publishers a reality “ONE BRAND, ALL MEDIA” as well as “ONCE PROCESSED, ALL DISTRIBUTED” and eliminate the traditional worries about rain, shine or loss on the way.

We are also bringing the processed publications to the airlines’ video panels in the planes where all passengers can browse the transformed and highly compressed digital copies of the publications in the planes or any where in the world. We will provide the information on the airplanes and the routes that carry what publications for you and your advertisers. This will help publishers to get more advertising dollars from the advertisers. Today’s airlines carry millions of high value passengers every year.Publishers can leverage on their existing advertisers to get additional income by utilizing the SmarttPapers compressed TV commercials to target market to their readers. SmarttAds™, one of the compelling tools provided by SmarttPapers where the same TV commercials can be compressed and embedded with the publication to send to the target readers.

Publishers can fully capitalize on services provided by SmarttPapers with no capital investment but with vast array of cost saving, revenue generating business models made possible by SmarttPapers Morphosis Tools (SMT). Publishers can have full control for branding and target marketed advertising in strict accordance with their own rules. We also bring advertisers to the publishers so that we bring values to the publishers.

The compression is a paradigm difference where even the mobile phone can receive and view the contents. A page of PDF file usually of 3 to 5 MB file when transformed and compressed is only about 30kB to 40kB in mobile format and about 50Kb to 80kB for PDA whereas in PC it is only about 80kB to 150kB. Moreover, the whole process is automatic. Transformation will also enable the contents to be XML compliance where they can be searched internationally in whatever computer system. With a range of clear and practical navigation tools, the SME reader is assured of a feature-rich, enjoyable online and offline experience.

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