Business Model

Everyone Is Our Business Partner No Matter How Small

As outlined, SmarttPapers derives its revenue through providing total digital publishing marketing solutions which include delivery to airlines, mobile and internet for publishers, airlines, agencies and advertisers, as well as from service fees charged to Transformation and Compression work required by the publishers.

Our technology enables those articles and advertisements that the passengers read be analyzed and the targeted ads will be delivered to the text window when the readers do the detailed reading. This provides advertisers campaign continuity, broad coverage and waste-free accuracy. Advertisers like this and will be happy to have their ads delivers to their target customers even willing to pay a premium for this. Every reader will be demographically or circumstantially appropriate for every ads he or she receives. SmarttPapers is a revolutionary concept. The company has no competitor that can approach the scope and uniqueness of its offering.

Consumers taking much greater control over the information they receive and who they receive it from. SMARTTPAPERS has the opportunity to build trust with consumers that will help advertisers improve relationships with their best customers and prospects. SMARTTPAPERS has the ability to protect consumers in the B2C and B2B segments from receiving information they really don’t want or are unlikely to want. In this way, SMARTTPAPERS gains an identity as part of the team that acts as a huge spam filter for people, so they are not overwhelmed with unwanted ads, while insuring that the information that is important to them gets through.

SmarttPapers Mobile marketing solutions include campaign and mobile site design, hosting, as well an interactive messaging platform (SMS, MMS, WAP-Push, etc). The intelligent and automated functionality of SmarttPapers creates a clearinghouse that enables a highly scalable business model, and reliable 3rd party monitoring and reporting.

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