Here are the list of advantages that SmarttPapers offers:

Economic - It leverages on existing publishers’ workflow with minimal work required.

Increase Advertisement Revenues – New income from TV Commercials and interactive Ads which can be done through easy booking system provided by SmarttPapers from the web and SMS locally and internationally.

Add Value And Coverage - It can reach to high value customers and beyond traditional boundary and business reach. Doing business BEYOND...

Multi-Channel Delivery Capabilities - It can delivered to Airlines, Hotels, Mobile, Internet, Satellite or Cable like Web-TV, Pocket-PC, PC, TabletPC, etc

Easy to Produce - It can be done easily with our sophisticated system of Transformation and Compression process using Super-Compupressor Computer in modulated arrays.

Good Reading Experience - Users can read it with the font size they want and also interactive click and read system. Use of a simple web browser is also possible.

Creating a common XML - It can be done by using Search function on the multi-purpose date repository.


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