SmarttPapers is the first to discover the value of the reading pattern and content analyst combining readers data of any type with data-rich demographic information to target the appropriate ads to the target readers in a subtle way.

Advertising revenue driven by new-found effectiveness is the big prize especially for the delivering to targeted readers. Advertisers everywhere will be looking to exploit media companies that offer access to or improved use of a portfolio of channels that can deliver highly targeted content of great relevancy to their audience. Again, SmarttPapers has unique properties to its capabilities that can make it a potent partner for all publishers and advertisers in the digital distribution arena, be it on ground or on air. The intelligent and automated functionality of SmarttPapers for publishers and advertisers create a clearinghouse that enables a highly scalable business model, and reliable monitoring and reporting by the system or 3rd party.

Advertisers who sign on with SmarttPapers will no longer need to use a mass marketing, shot-gun approach of the same message to a diverse population. It will become part of the trend that is ushering in much greater precision and message relevance. As part of this trend, SMARTTPAPERS will help set the new standards and expectations for this type of advertising.


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