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SmarttPapers International has developed the Compression and Transformation Technology to transform publications into ultra-small, searchable, reliable, cost-competitive, and profitable delivery model –Email Printcasting System(EMS) where TV Commercials/Videos can be embedded for publishers.

SmarttPapers technology is able to add multi-million dollars and more, to the bottom line of the newspapers, magazines and directories. It enabled Show Page Search whereby Key Word Search comes with Show Page Feature; a business protective feature that will prevent the digital to cannibalize the print.

SmarttPapers technology revolutionized new advertising income for the publication with the ability to embed existing TV commercials to the print page to the targeted customers in its unique way with normal internet connection. This advertising income is huge which is now mainly enjoyed by the TV stations in the expensive broadcast mode. Moreover, this will enable Target Marketing TV Ads To Targeted Customers Through The EMS(Email Printcasting System) whereby the publisher can now operate like a “TV station” with the ability to capture Reader’s profile, duration of view, feedback and customer survey.

SmarttPapers allows for Portfolio Expansion Plan for the growing of audience and easy segmentation. Enable all pages in the publication to become interactive with 1)Video / Music, 2)Live helpdesk, 3)Coupons / Promotion, 4)More Info/Update, 5)Product Info. This will increase revenue through the technology which has the lucrative future in empowering the highly targeted products. With the worldwide trend of going for digital deliveries, SmarttPapers will enhance the publishers print business yet open up new and exciting revenues for them. Publishers and airlines are able to do things which are not able to do before. Concept from design to market can now be executed in shortest and fastest time enabled by SmarttPapers technology: The road to successful product development. SmarttPapers business is glorified by Chris Anderson in his book “Long Tail Theory” for the Next Big Thing.


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