SmarttPapers™ has revolutionalized how print publications can be transformed to ultra-small digital copies in exact replicas. It is a compelling TRANSFORMATION & COMPRESSION technology that can easily transform printed publications to interactive digital version within minutes, eliminating the need for re-keying text and design. Enable publishers to deliver the publications to the readers easily and in highly secure way. Even allowing expiry date to be put on the publication when deliver whereby the readers will not able to read when the date is up.

It is the first in the world to provide such capabilities with good compression ratio that allowed the media owners to have the prints transform for multi-channels deliveries. Today, it is very difficult for publishers without huge manpower and big IT infrastructures for multi-channels deliveries. The economic returns do not justify such setup to-date. Moreover, to develop such application and solution are expensive to do.

SmarttPapers™ provides interactivity and searchable functions. Static ads on the newspaper and magazine can be replaced by interactive ads without changing the placement (in terms of size and design) in the original newspaper. SmarttPapers™ includes various business process template enables ads to be included or excluded in the electronic version, with an option to be delivered to wireless receiver such as PDA, mobile phone etc. SmarttPapers™ also provides advertisers with administrative functions on advertisement information. An archive of newspaper with searchable function over date, keyword, header, text body, and any other viable search methods will also be maintained for online access.

Dramatic changes are happening in the world of publishing. While publishers must struggle with the onslaught of competition from online information and e-commerce providers, paper costs are rising. Finding and retaining customers is a major challenge, and hiring reliable distributors is becoming more and more difficult. Consumer demand is also changing as people travel more often seeking more efficient access to publisher provided products and services. While consumers have more choices in how they access and receive information, publishers struggle to meet these ever changing demands.

SmarttPapers™ technology provides more choices and enriches experience for the readers & also the one-stop solution for the publishers for now and the future.

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