SmarttPapers™ made paradigm shift for Telcos in generating next level of profitable data business using this patented compression and transformation technology. SmarttPapers™ is able to compress and transform the exact replica of the newspaper, magazine, book and directories in digital format to compelling small so that it is accessible by the mobile and profitable business can be generated by the Telcos. This small and interactive format can be embedded also with compressed TV commercials capability that is positioning as the next big thing for the Media Industry.

Publishers with our enabling can now work with advertisers and ad agencies to design and execute innovative mobile media and cross-media campaigns. Our mobile solution operates the interactive mobile messaging platform (SMS, MMS, WAP-push), as well as building, designing, and optimizing mobile phone WAP sites for publishers, corporations and campaigns. Through our modular solutions, clients are able to leverage traditional, cross-media buys, campaigns, and on-pack promotions, as well as existing CRM systems and member databases. SmarttPapers clients with the publishers experience the benefits and effectiveness of mobile marketing as users come to interact with brands via mobile phone.

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