Passengers are able to search, personalized the newspapers and magazines they like to read when they fly. This will enrich the travel experience where passengers can spend time more productively and ease the anxiety of travelling - time to reflect, time to be informed, time to catch up with things happening at the destination, read up past events happened at home while traveling, search for events happened at the destination, search for new things, etc. Fit in well with the Airline of delivering the most luxurious and stylish travel experiences, to provide customers with the very best inflight experience through continuous advancement in product innovation and service excellence.

It makes the travel an enjoyable time for passengers of updating themselves. The cabin can now be paperless with numerous titles of newspapers & magazines for passengers’ reading pleasure throughout the flight.

SmarttPapers™ creates significant value to the existing Inflight services to the passengers with this state-of-the-art Green Technology. With this patented technology, it will significantly change the experience of traveling & its culture from within. Today, the IFE (Inflight Entertainment System) is on low culture as put forth by some aviation experts since its features are mostly "Video Films & Popcorn". SmarttPapers™ allows airlines to create high culture which is "Reading & Coffee". This will effortlessly enrich the travel experience.

It is a green technology with easy search and archive functions for all the newspapers and magazines. Good for passengers who want to keep updated during their travels. SmarttPapers revolutionized the Inflight Entertainment System with the empowering to display the most up to date exact replicas of the print newspapers daily and any magazines. It is easily searchable and archivable. It is also able to make available a wide variety of magazines (not possible to be onboard presently due to weight and logistic issues). Passengers have more choices to read present and past newspapers and magazines. Inside the airplane, passengers will find cleaner air, tidy cabin due to less print newspapers lying around.


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