Misson & Vaules

Our Misson is to :

Make publications become digital to be able to distribute to AirlineVideo Panels(In-Flight Entertainment System), Mobile Phones, PDA,Notebook, PC, Kiosk, etc., allowing it to be cheaper, cleaner,searchable, retrievable and able to be embedded with Videos/ TVCommercials to enable publishers to earn new and exciting revenue ofdelivering publications to millions of high value customers beyondtheir traditional print and territory and airlines to save millions offuel cost.

Our Values are to:

•Create greener world we want to live in for the publications we wantany time anywhere.
•Be pragmatic and inspired.
•Use the best of what isproven, work with the best, mix it with our boldest ideas, and createvalues for all to share.
•Be honest and ethical in all ourrelationships.
•Make our children proud of us.
•Inspire good people towork with us.